Yield Farming

Yield Farming

Lucky Lion Farms have mechanisms to protect the $LUCKY price from those that farm and those that sell $LUCKY.
Harvest Lockup - Every farming pool has a harvest lockup delay of 8 hours, for the first time after the farm launches. For example, the harvest lockup of the LUCKY-BUSD farm is 8 hours. That means farmers who stake in the LUCKY-BUSD farm can only harvest (claim $LUCKY rewards) 8 hours after the farm launch.

Live Pools

    • 36x | Deposit Fee 0%
    • 4x | Deposit Fee 0%

$LUCKY Staking

You can earn more $LUCKY by staking your $LUCKY. You can get $LUCKY by depositing in Yield Farming LP Pools or buying from Pancakeswap.
    • 8x | Deposit Fee 0%
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