The Lion's Path to the moon
Q3 2021
• Fair Launch LUCKY token ($LUCKY)
• Launch $LUCKY Liquidity yield farming
• Submit Audits with Inspex
Q4 2021
• Kick-off our iGaming with Barbarian Adventure - Battle your way to profit!
• Launch revenue sharing pool for LUCKY-BUSD LP token
• Update iGaming each month with two additional games
• Submit Audits with PeckShield and/or Certik
Q1 2022
• Launch strategic partnerships with additional gaming providers✅ (PG Soft )
• Release NFT collections on major marketplaces ✅ (TreasureLand, NFTrade (Coming Soon)
• Introduce referral program
Q2 2022
• Apply for listing on major crypto exchanges
• Launch additional reward and utility mechanics for NFT gaming
• Additional undisclosed strategic features (can't share all our secrets here, but trust us - it's big!)
Please check here on what we have delivered in more details.
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