How to Yield Farm
Step 1: Click the “Launch App” button
Step 2: Click “Unlock Wallet”
Step 3: Connect your MetaMask wallet
Step 4: Once your MetaMask wallet is connected. You can click “+ LUCKY”
Step 5: Click “Add Token” in your MetaMask wallet
Step 6: Click “Approve” on the pool you want to stake
Step 7: Click “Confirm” in your MetaMask wallet
Step 8: Click “Stake LP” to stake your LUCKY-BUSD or LUCKY Token
Step 9: If you don’t have LUCKY please read “How to get LUCKY”
If you don’t have LP Tokens Balance click "Get LUCKY-BUSD"
Step 10: The system will direct you to PancakeSwap (wait a moment until LUCKY appears)
Add the amount of LUCKY or BUSD in the “Input” field and click “Enable LUCKY”
Step 11: Click “Supply”
Step 12: Once you get your LUCKY-BUSD LP Tokens click “Stake LP”
Step 13: Input the amount of LP you would like to Stake and click “Confirm”
Step 14: After approving on MetaMask, your staking is complete
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