How to join Our Discord

Step 1: Install software - Actually Discord able to using via both Native application & Web Application
  • Native Application - Please go to to official discord website here >> and download software whatever match with your OS.
Step 2: Register user - You need to register and verified your account (simple process as same as email register), you can follow these steps below to login to your app if you’re ever logged.
  • Once you’re at the login page, type in either 1) your email address or 2) phone number that has been officially verified to your Discord account in the first text box.
Step 3: Login - Provide your email or phone which you was using in registration for login.
Step 4: Join server - by Click + icon in the top left menu
then Click Join a Server
Copy this server invite link and paste into INVITE LINK. Here is LuckyLion Server >>
Step 5: Join channel - The server normally is made up of text channels and voice channels. The channel names will start with # e.g. #general