Who is Lucky Lion ?

We are a trusted and well established iGaming brand with over 200,000 loyal monthly active users. We have been operating in the Asia Pacific region since 2016, and are now expanding its service, offering our users a mechanism to share profit and earn big rewards through our DeFi enabled iGaming platform.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming is an innovative DeFi concept where users stake or lend their crypto assets, providing liquidity in order to receive returns.

What is GameFi?

'GameFi' refers to the intersection between blockchain-based gaming and decentralized financial instruments in all their guises: iGaming, yield farming, algorithmic stablecoins, token minting instruments, etc.

What is iGaming?

iGaming (or online gaming) is playing or betting on the outcome of a game or event via the internet. iGaming activities include, but not limited to online casino betting, poker betting, or online video gaming, instant games and etc, but the biggest share of this industry is made up of sports betting and casino games.

How do I earn from Lucky Lion?

  1. 1.
    Earn LUCKY token by staking your crypto assets in yield farming.
  2. 2.
    Earn LUCKY and extra LUCKY token by playing games in iGaming.
  3. 3.
    Earn LUCKY by staking LUCKY - BUSD LP into the revenue sharing pool.

Can I buy and trade Lucky Tokens?

Lucky tokens can be purchased from exchanges, however the primary use-case for Lucky Tokens is to use them on the yield farms, or as credits for iGaming.
LUCKY can be purchased on the following decentralized exchanges (DEXes):

Is Lucky Lion Audited?

We've had audits from top security blockchain companies including Peckshield and Inspex, The latest audit status can be found >>> here.
Furthermore, games have been thoroughly inspected by eCOGRA — a reputable independent auditor.

Is Lucky Lion safe to use?

Yes, Lucky Lion is safe. We utilize the highest standard of security through our multi-layered security processes and independant auditor and eCOGRA audits.
Regarding the LUCKY and LION Tokens, we've made it as dump-proof as possible. Our LUCKY Token is fair launch, with 66% of total supply going to platform participants. The team is only getting 9% of tokens, and that’s vested over 2 years. We also had no presale and no investors, so there’s no one to dump on token holders.

Are Lucky Lion games Fair Play?

Lucky Lion is in close cooperation with our partners to get Fair Play accredited with industry leading accreditation known as Provably Fair.
Provably fairness allows players from all over the world to manually and personally verify the fairness of the games that they’re playing online, using an encrypted key that allows them to verify the correctitude of the games at the end of the session.
Additionally, games have been thoroughly inspected by eCOGRA — a reputable independent auditor.

What does up to 9% revenue sharing mean?

Users can stake their reward from iGaming in Lucky Lion's revenue sharing pool, where they can earn up to 9% of the total revenue earned by Lucky Lion's iGaming platform.
Our base revenue sharing percentage is 3%, however we frequently run promotions and campaigns where players get up to 9% revenue share, as well as other perks and rewards.
The week's revenue sharing percentage is publicly visible on the Lucky Lion Platform.

Can I withdraw my earnings?

You can easily exchange your Lucky Lion tokens into other coins via Pancakeswap and send them to your favourite exchange to change back to fiat.

Where is the Game FAQ?

Our games frequently ask questions can be found here.

How can I contact the team?

[email protected] or ping an admin on our Telegram or Twitter via the community page.