Random Number Generator
Random Number Generators (RNG) are mathematical systems that produce random numbers.
‌RNG is a defining factor in many modern games. They’re the reason why items in Mario Kart are different each time, why you meet unique Pokemon, and why you randomly find super rare items in Diablo. Some procedurally-generated games, like The Binding of Issac or Minecraft, wouldn’t even be possible without RNG.
‌With RNG, statistical randomness ensures that all cards and die numbers, slot game symbols, jackpot triggers, rare items etc. are mathematically random and unpredictable, therefore giving the player confidence that the game is not rigged. An RNG that operates properly gives players confidence in the gaming system and prevents unwarranted complaints.


Currently, our games are using the RNG has the following licenses & certifications:
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) audited by eCOGRA