Wizdom Wonders
For thousands of years, countless mystical spells were recorded in the sorcerer’s spell book. Using these spells, one could summon the natural elements or even, creatures of the wild. The most mysterious of them all is none other than Alchemy. Once Alchemy is mastered, one could turn stone into gold, and possess inexhaustible wealth!
There’s an Old Wizard within the Cloud Tower, who had spent a lifetime trying to master Alchemy. One night, a strong gust of wind blew into the tower, creating a huge mess. All 6 spell books were scattered, and the Old Wizard was unable to put them back together, but, to attain Alchemy requires a combination of all 6 spell books! The delirious Old Wizard is now confused within the mix of spells and Alchemy symbols.
Hurry! The Old Wizard needs your help to complete the Alchemy spell! Whenever the magic symbols on both pages on a spell book match, it will turn into the Alchemy symbol, triggering mysterious magical ways and increasing the chances to win!

Game Features

SPLASH SCREEN & MAIN GAME : The main game is started when the splash screen fades out.
SYMBOL WIN FEATURE : During any spin, when there is one or more symbol win, all wins will be multiplied by the multiplier shown above the books.
After wins are paid, all books with winning symbols will be closed and reveal either Fire spell, Water spell or Lightning spell. After all books with winning symbol has been closed in a spin, all Fire spell, Water spell and/or Lightning spell will take effect.
Each Fire spell will remove all books along the vertical axis.
Each Water spell will remove all books along the horizontal axis.
Each Lightning spell will remove the book that consist of that Lightning Spell and a randomly chosen book.
Once all spells took effect, new books are added in place of the removed books which may lead to additional wins and the multiplier is increased by 1 (maximum multiplier is 5).
When there is no more symbol win, the multiplier will reset to 1 in the next spin.
BONUS FEATURE : During any spin, if there is any Bonus symbol win, that Bonus symbol will be collected. If 3 Bonus symbol has been collected, Bonus Feature is awarded at the end of the spin when there is no more symbol win.
Once 3 Bonus symbol are collected, no more Bonus symbol wins may be collected.
At the start of Bonus Feature, 8 bubble picks are awarded to player. Tap on any bubble to reveal nothing, prize value or additional picks.T Revealed prize value may range between 2 times the current bet to 30 times the current bet.
If prize value is revealed, it will be added to the "Win" meter. If additional picks is revealed (2 picks or 3 picks), it will increase the number of bubble picks by the value indicated in the revealed bubble. Bonus Feature ends when there are no bubble picks left.
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