Game FAQ

What is Total Play Volume ?

Total Play Volume is the total (gross) amount wagered by all players.

What is cLUSDT ?

cLUSDT is a virtual in-game currency. It is converted from LUCKY token to gaming credits used in-game. During gameplay, cLUSDT is labelled in-game as USDT or USD. This swap has no impact on the market price and there's no fees.

Where does LUCKY to cLUSDT swap rate come from during deposit ?

During deposit. Swap rate is from PancakeSwap (LUCKY per USDT). Price refers from PancakeSwap at the time of conversion.

Where does cLUSDT to LUCKY swap rate come from during withdrawal ?

During withdrawal. If there is only one deposit before withdrawal. Withdrawal swap rate will be equal to deposit swap rate. But if there are many deposits and withdrawals, the system will calculate the average rate and the withdrawal swap rate will be equal to the average rate.

What is average rate ?

Average rate is the average value of LUCKY over the credit period to ensure a fairer price for gamers due to price fluctuations.

How to calculate an average rate ?

LUCKY (n-1) = The amount of LUCKY deposited before
RATE (n-1) = Previous swap rate
LUCKY n = The amount of LUCKY deposited now
RATE n = Present swap rate
Average Rate = ((LUCKY (n-1)/(LUCKY (n-1)+LUCKY n))*RATE (n-1)) + ((LUCKY n/(LUCKY (n-1) + LUCKY n))*RATE n)
After getting the average rate. If there is a new deposit. The average rate will be applied as a RATE (n-1).

What is Remaining Daily Allowance ?

Our Total Daily Allowance is $1,000. This means your maximum daily withdrawal amount per day is $1,000. If there is a withdrawal made this amount will be decreased.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount ?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 20 cLUSDT

What is the withdrawal fee ?

Withdraw Fee is 0.5 cLUSDT