Lucky Lion

Project Overview
Lucky Lion, is the latest addition to our portfolio of APAC's leading iGaming brands with over 200,000 loyal monthly active users, allowing players to yield their tokens on our decentralised yield farm, play industry leading games and stake their winnings through the revenue sharing pool to earn even more amazing rewards.
Aiming to become the world's first community led GameFi platform built on Binance Smart Chain, we reward our loyal user-base by letting them earn up to 9% revenue share of the booming iGaming market that is expected to reach $127.3 Billion USD by 2027, at a compounding annual rate of 11.5%.
Being fiercely loyal creatures, we offer our pride a fair-launch project, with no pre-sale and no investor. Now that's a juicy offering you can wrap your paws around!

Why Join Lucky Lion In A Nutshell :

  • Established iGaming portfolio of brands: 200,000+ MAU & $4.5 Million USD Daily Total Play Volume
  • Fair Play Launch
  • 1st GameFi Revenue Sharing Platform
  • APAC's Largest GameFi Yield Sharing Farm
  • Rotating List of Next-Gen Fair Play iGames
  • Accredited & Audited
  • Exciting Future Projects
Whilst we do love our pancakes 🥞 and other partners, we simply eat up the rest of the competition.

What is GameFi?

'GameFi' refers to the intersection between blockchain-based gaming and decentralized financial instruments in all their guises: iGaming, yield farming, algorithmic stablecoins, token minting instruments, etc.

What is driving the iGaming boom?

iGaming is gaining unprecedented popularity in recent years due to the growing necessity to shift consumer habits online. This has led to an explosion of users that traditionally prefer brick-and-mortar gaming to play online. ESPORTS saw a surprising leap in popularity coming close to outperforming traditional sporting. Governments globally recognised this shift, and many saw a dramatic shift in sediment towards iGaming, putting into motion legislation to democratise the industry further. This is largely thanks to on-chain fair play algorithms that are fuelling the transparency of the iGaming industry, giving uprecedientent security and reassurance to investors, players and government institutions.

"Who is Lucky Lion?" we hear you roar, and why is his pride leading the DeFi iGaming scene?

Our Existing Business

The core team comprises of a veteran team of Blockchain, FinTech and iGaming pioneers, spanning three continents.
Operating since 2016 across a portfolio of brand, our Asia Pacific operations amess an average daily turnover of $4,500,000 USD (TPV: Total Play Volume).

Lucky Lion

And Lucky Lion? Well,
Lucky Lion is a humble King that loves a good 🥩. Everyone will agree, Lucky Lion rewards everyone that loves staking with generous rewards. Lucky Lion takes you by the paw, and gives you unprecedented access to a den filled with big rewards, an ever rotating list of industry leading games, and of course the security you come to expect from an industry leading iGaming provider.
Naturally all investing carried an element of risk. Please do refer to the risk section for more detail, read our FAQ or contact us directly for more information.
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